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Bring­ing the commu­nity of furni­ture, design, and making to the virtual space

Virtual Conference

FS22 Working Together

June 8 – 112022

FS22: Working Together, will cele­brate fruit­ful collab­o­ra­tions, skill/​resource sharing oppor­tu­ni­ties, and commu­nity service within the field of furni­ture making. The confer­ence will feature virtual one-on-one mentor sessions and port­fo­lio reviews, profes­sional devel­op­ment sessions with the benefit of a digital work­book, a series of evening conver­sa­tions with leaders in the field, and exclu­sive program­ming with this year’s Award of Distinc­tion recip­i­ents. The confer­ence will culmi­nate in a National Day of Making, on Satur­day, June 11, featur­ing a series of in-person regional events.

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