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Craft for a Greater Good (CGG) is an initia­tive to connect with and serve our annual confer­ence cities through part­ner­ships and the creation of impact­ful projects. Comprised of Furni­ture Society members and volun­teers from our part­ner­ing cities and orga­ni­za­tions, CGG is always a collab­o­ra­tion. This program seeks to find engage­ment with people through the creative problem-solving process of furni­ture making. Ulti­mately, we hope this will posi­tion craft and design as tools of empow­er­ment and universal connection!

Current Project:

2023 – 2024

Craft for a Greater Good — New Orleans, LA

Community partners: YAYA Youth Arts and MakeGood NOLA

TFS is excited to be part­ner­ing with YAYA, an orga­ni­za­tion serving New Orleans area chil­dren and youth through educa­tional expe­ri­ences and entre­pre­neur­ship oppor­tu­ni­ties in the arts. 

YAYA’s mission — to empower creative young people to become success­ful adults — posi­tions YAYA as an ideal CGG partner.

Past Projects:

STEAM Girl Band Saw

Craft for a Greater Good: All the Small the Things

Partners: Furniture Society Members

All the Small Things! 


Craft For A Greater Good — Milwaukee, WI

Community Partners: HOME GR/OWN AND MAM

In conjunc­tion with the FS19 Ground­work confer­ence, The Furni­ture Society part­nered with two local orga­ni­za­tions: HOME GR/OWN an initia­tive working to trans­form neigh­bor­hoods in Milwau­kee, and the Milwau­kee Art Museum (MAM) Teen Intern­ship Program, connect­ing teens with prac­tic­ing artists to address issues impor­tant to their commu­nity. During the span of the confer­ence, atten­dees used unique and surpris­ing mate­ri­als to construct benches designed by Madison, Wiscon­sin artist, Tom Loeser, for the Victory Over Violence park.

Our History:

The beginning:

Craft for a Greater Good: Origin Story!

What can a conference accomplish?

During the 2018 Furni­ture Society Member Meeting, a member received a stand­ing ovation for her sugges­tion that the Furni­ture Society find ways to make a differ­ence in the cities where we host our annual conferences. 

In response, the Craft for a Greater Good initia­tive was launched in 2019 in conjunc­tion with our confer­ence in Milwau­kee. The goal of the project was to posi­tion furni­ture and creative problem solving as univer­sal connec­tors, to tap our rich collec­tive skill sets, and to pass those skills on to the next gener­a­tion while making a mean­ing­ful contri­bu­tion to the local commu­nity. Confer­ence atten­dees, partner orga­ni­za­tions, crafts­peo­ple, and local resi­dents collab­o­ra­tively created work with lasting social benefit and have affected positive change. 

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Please consider support­ing the work we are doing to help make a mean­ing­ful and lasting contri­bu­tion to the local community.

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Craft for a Greater Good Mission:

  • Inspire young people to work with their hands, engage in creative problem solving, and under­stand the value of making.
  • Exem­plify what our field has to offer, broad­en­ing engage­ment with our members.
  • Help iden­tify and meet a need within the community.
  • Co-create work with lasting social benefit and impact.
  • Expand our membership. 
  • Posi­tion our annual gath­er­ings as more than just a single moment in time, but rather as an ongoing plat­form for dialogue and action. 
  • Allow our members, who carry a vast amount of knowl­edge, to pass on skill sets to the next generation.