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2023 Summer Workshops

Peters Valley School of Craft

Two to five day inten­sive work­shops in furni­ture making, turning, carving, and more led by profes­sional artists from around the globe! Immerse your­self in craft and explore your creative poten­tial within an inclu­sive, supportive community!

2023 Summer workshops

Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Immerse your­self in a summer of inspir­ing art-making, educa­tion and commu­nity. With over 50 years of expe­ri­ence and an unpar­al­leled selec­tion of one and two-week work­shops, Ander­son Ranch is the perfect place to grow and explore your creative side.

Artist-In-Residence Program

Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Ander­son Ranch’s Artists-in-Resi­dence Program fosters creative, intel­lec­tual and profes­sional growth for emerg­ing and estab­lished visual artists. Resi­dents have access to world-class facil­i­ties and studio time, free from everyday pressures.