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Our Mission

To advance the art of furni­ture making by inspir­ing creativ­ity, promot­ing excel­lence, and foster­ing an under­stand­ing of this art and its place in society. 

Our vision is to culti­vate a diverse commu­nity and conver­sa­tion around furni­ture in all its forms.


Featured Member for September 27-October 2, 2021: Katherine Edmonds

Kather­ine Edmonds is a furni­ture maker and designer based in Corval­lis, Oregon. She attended the Center for Furni­ture Crafts­man­ship for a twelve-week furni­ture inten­sive study­ing with Brian Reid, Yuri Kobayashi, Aaron Fedarko, and Mark Julianna. Kather­ine later appren­ticed with Richard Shrader, who taught her addi­tional wood­work­ing tech­niques, and worked with Stalror’s Donald Cope, who helped her dive into the world of metal­work­ing. With this strong foun­da­tion, her furni­ture combines tradi­tional joinery with modern clean lines, creat­ing contem­po­rary pieces with tradi­tional roots. Kather­ine designs and makes each piece herself.


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