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I watch my work evolve, learn­ing to be patient. I am working to express myself in a subtle way, in a simple form. I look for beauty in a subtle curve, in line and propor­tion. I look to the func­tional objects in our lives and make them in an artful way. I compose my designs from many differ­ent styles of furni­ture and archi­tec­ture. From other art forms. It is impor­tant to me to be sensi­tive to the mate­r­ial itself, allow­ing the mate­r­ial to have a voice in the desire to create. My work is a reflec­tion on how we live and how we respond to objects. It reflects my prac­tice of working the way we love, pursu­ing excel­lence and attend­ing to the details and possi­bil­i­ties of each piece. My work is also a record of the passing of time. Each piece grows from an idea to an object and in the process, I take time to observe and see the oppor­tu­ni­ties in the work. The objects I make then become part of another person’s life and story. Watch­ing them age, the wood changes color, handles are polished by fingers, the patina of use, of life.

Olympia, WA
Wood, bronze
Professional Status