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The Furni­ture Society is a volun­teer orga­ni­za­tion. We rely on the volun­teers listed below, and we could use your help!

Kate Davidson headshot

Kate Davidson

Administrative Intern

Kate David­son is a wood-based artist who incor­po­rates mixed media and color into her sculp­ture and furni­ture. Orig­i­nally from New England, she completed her under­grad­u­ate degree at the Univer­sity of Chicago. Her inter­est in wood was sparked while working as a care­taker on an island nature preserve, and she began working as a carpen­ter before decid­ing to return to school full-time to study furni­ture design and craft. Since then she has taught commu­nity classes at Shel­burne Craft School in Vermont and worked as the Staff Fellow at the Center for Furni­ture Crafts­man­ship in Maine. Her work was included in the Center for Art in Wood’s exhibit​“Making a Seat at the Table” and will be part of the upcom­ing multi­me­dia show​“Wood and…” at the Wharton Esher­ick Museum. She will be return­ing to the Midwest this year to begin an MFA program at the Univer­sity of Wiscon­sin, Madison.

Learn more about Kate on Insta­gram

David Fleming

Website Administration & Communications

David has been a member of The Furni­ture Society since 1999, his first confer­ence was the 2000 gath­er­ing hosted by Sheri­dan College in Toronto, Canada. He was recog­nized by the Society Board as Volun­teer of the Year’ at the 2001 confer­ence in Arizona and joined the website devel­op­ment team as a volun­teer soon after. He served one term on the Board (2003 – 2006), manag­ing the website in its entirety, and then as a contrac­tor served The Furni­ture Society as Web Site Admin­is­tra­tor from 2006 to 2016. He contin­ues to help manage the website on a volun­teer basis. David studied furni­ture making for two years (1984 – 86) with James Krenov, in the Fine Wood­work­ing Program at the College of the Redwoods. He makes furni­ture and teaches wood­work­ing at Arizona State Univer­sity, the South­west School of Wood­work­ing, and at his own shop in Scotts­dale, Arizona.

Learn more about David on his website

Lisa Nguyen

Administrative Intern

Lisa Nguyen received her BA in Applied Design with an empha­sis in Wood­work­ing and Furni­ture Design at the San Diego State Univer­sity in south­ern Cali­for­nia. After receiv­ing a fellow­ship to Haystack Moun­tain School of Crafts in the summer of 2019, Lisa grad­u­ated with a passion for working in wood craft. Lisa’s furni­ture explores her Viet­namese heritage while bridg­ing together her Amer­i­can upbring­ing. She uses archi­tec­ture as an inspi­ra­tion as well as modern aesthet­ics to connect this dichotomy.

Lisa is currently a fellow at the Crealde School of Art in her home­town in Winter Park, Florida, where she currently resides. As of recently, Lisa has also devel­oped a new appre­ci­a­tion and keen inter­est in wood turning. With the help of books and online videos, Lisa has been able to immerse herself within this field. Although she is still very new to wood­turn­ing, making sculp­tural yet func­tional forms is central to her work.

Learn more about Lisa on her profile page

Megan Tilston

Megan Tilston

Facebook Editor

Megan Tilston is a Toronto-based furni­ture maker whose work has been shown across North America. Her career in wood­work­ing began at Merganzer Furni­ture in 2004 after lending a hand on a steam-bending project. With a back­ground in graphic design, she spent the next decade immersed in all aspects of furni­ture making through an infor­mal appren­tice­ship while being encour­aged to pursue her own designs. 

Learn more about Megan on her website

Lauren Verdugo

Administrative Intern

Lauren is a South­ern Cali­for­nia based artist and wood­worker. She currently lives in San Diego, CA and is finish­ing her BA in Applied Design at San Diego State University. 

Since 2012, Lauren served as both Art Educa­tion Assis­tant and Work­shop Assis­tant at the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foun­da­tion for Arts and Crafts. She has served her local commu­nity through her work in K‑12 arts educa­tion and contin­ues to work along­side local non-profit art orga­ni­za­tions to promote emerg­ing artists in her home­town and surrounding areas. 

Lauren’s work ranges from furni­ture to sculp­ture with no limi­ta­tions on mixing media. Found objects, steel, wood and card­board are all in constant exper­i­men­ta­tion. Her furni­ture acts as a reac­tion to her roots in study­ing mid century furni­ture while explor­ing the limits of simple/​minimal design. She is a recip­i­ent of a 2020 Cali­for­nia Arts Council grant, an Art Council Award from the School of Art and Design at SDSU, and has been featured in various South­ern Cali­for­nia based art publi­ca­tions includ­ing Wood­worker West Magazine.

Check out Lauren’s website and on Insta­gram

Chelsea Witt

Instagram Editor

Chelsea Witt is an artist living and working out of mid-coast Maine. Chelsea is a wood­worker, furni­ture maker, sculp­tor, and illus­tra­tor. After grad­u­at­ing from the Univer­sity of South Florida with a BFA in 2012 they have worked and taken oppor­tu­ni­ties up and down the east coast seeking growth in furni­ture making specif­i­cally. Chelsea has worked for and or studied under artists such as Alexis Dold, Tyler Hays (BDDW), Christina Boy, Aaron Fedarko, and David Upfill-Brown. They have attended courses at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and The Center for Furni­ture Crafts­man­ship in Maine. Currently Chelsea is working for the Center for Furni­ture Crafts­man­ship assist­ing Tim Rousseau’s twelve-week Furniture Intensive.

Learn more about Chelsea on their website and on Insta­gram

Alex Zimmerman Headshot

Alex Zimmerman

Video Editor

Alexan­der Zimmer­man is an artist, musi­cian, YouTu­ber, podcaster and father. He likes to define himself as a creative as he does not align with any one partic­u­lar form of creativ­ity. Currently he is a MFA candi­date at San Diego State Univer­sity school of Art and Design. When he is not working on a project you can find him watch­ing the Seattle Seahawks, watch­ing Marvel movies, hanging out with his kids, or taking naps.

Learn more about Alex and his work on:

His Website, YouTube, TikTok, Insta­gram, Face­book, Twitter