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The Nuts & Bolts of Running Your Business

Profes­sional Development Programing

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The Nuts & Bolts of Running Your Business is an ongoing series of professional development programs, both virtual and in-person, that offer insights, guidance, and professional practices through presentations, workshops, mentorships, and portfolio reviews. Each program is open to all levels of makers — from students to seasoned professionals in the field and have been designed to give you the information and tools you need to help develop/​advance your career and grow your business.

Shop Talk with Abby Mechanic

A guide to building + maintaining a shop facility

Winter 2024 / 6 Sessions / February 7‑March 13 / 7 – 8:30pm

February 72024

Space Layout + Planning

Learn how to plan with the space you have for the shop you want!

This program is a great place to start envi­sion­ing build­ing a new shop from scratch or convert­ing an exist­ing space into a shop.

February 142024

Machines, Tools + Equipment

You have a space, now you need the tools to do the job!

Learn about research­ing and acquir­ing new or used machines/​tools. Once you have your shop space, outfit­ting it with equip­ment comes into play.

February 212024

Materials + Supplies

With a shop and equipment, now you need materials; let’s demystify the lumberyard!

Partic­i­pants will learn all about plan­ning + purchas­ing mate­ri­als, specifically wood.

February 282024

Health + Safety

Now you are using materials, so let’s discuss Health + Safety!

Learn how to prevent and respond to threats in a shop envi­ron­ment by being prepared and educated in essen­tial health + safety!

Special Guest: Missy Graff Ballone of @wellnessformakers

March 62024

Systems Management

Your shop is up and running, now let’s set up your systems!

Learn how to set up a Google Drive and Google Calen­dar and how to develop + utilize Google Sheets to keep track of inven­tory, order­ing, and budgeting.

March 132024

Personnel Management

Learn how to develop orga­ni­za­tion charts and job descrip­tions that align with the job at hand. This program will cover the hiring and onboard­ing process, using systems to create consis­tency and clarity. We will discuss person­nel manage­ment and how to develop a posi­tive shop culture.

Business Strategies & Management

Spring 2024 / 6 Sessions / April 10-May 15 / 7 – 8:30pm

April 102024

The Elevator Pitch

What Sets You and Your Work Apart From Others and How to Talk About It

If you had two minutes to tell someone some­thing about you and your work, what would you say? Join us as we share lessons on how to talk about your­self as a maker, how to speak about your work, and how to create a great elevator pitch. 

April 172024

Behind the Scenes

Alternative Options to Selling Your Work

A realtor, inte­rior designer, gallerist, and busi­ness owner want YOU! We’ve invited four unique indi­vid­u­als from varying aspects of the field to talk with you about their insights and expe­ri­ences on alter­na­tive resources and options for selling your work. 

April 242024

The Art of Balance

Managing Your Creative Practice with Running a Business

Whether you’re just start­ing out or an estab­lished small busi­ness owner, it’s easy to feel over­whelmed by the sheer number of respon­si­bil­i­ties involved with manag­ing the logis­tics of running the busi­ness side of your prac­tice vs. actu­ally making your art. Learn how to best manage your time and set bound­aries when navi­gat­ing the compet­ing demands of running your business.

May 12024

Photographing Your Artwork

Camera, Phone, Lighting, and More!

How can a great photo­graph help sell your artwork? This presen­ta­tion is built to provide you with a compre­hen­sive step-by-step guide on how to best photo­graph the work you create. Aesthet­ics, light­ing, place­ment, and a variety of compo­si­tions will be discussed.

May 82024

Grant Writing 101

Finding and Writing the Best Grant for You and Your Practice

Does the prospect of writing a grant feel daunt­ing and over­whelm­ing? This presen­ta­tion aims to instill both confi­dence and the neces­sary tools to ease the process, making grant writing more acces­si­ble and user-friendly. 

May 152024

Pricing Your Artwork

Ways to Determine if You are Undervaluing or Overvaluing Your Work

Does pricing your work feel like a chal­leng­ing task or even a guess­ing game? What infor­ma­tion do you actu­ally need to include when calcu­lat­ing the cost of a piece? We will discuss a range of approaches, and by the end of this session, you’ll have a solid under­stand­ing of how to price your work effec­tively and maxi­mize your earnings.

The Furni­ture Society would like to thank the Schooner Foun­da­tion and The Bresler Foun­da­tion for support­ing this initia­tive. Without their support, the Nuts & Bolts profes­sional devel­op­ment program­ming and schol­ar­ships would not be possible!