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Call for Nominations! The Furniture Society’s Award of Distinction 2020

Who will YOU nominate?

Submit your nomi­na­tions for the Furni­ture Soci­ety’s 2020 Award of Distinc­tion, recog­nizing and cele­brating an indi­vid­ual or insti­tu­tion recog­nized as having had a profound impact on our field. The Award is intended to strengthen the fabric of the Furni­ture Soci­ety’s commu­nity by naming and cele­brat­ing its aesthetic and intellectual leaders.

Call for Submissions! Exhibition Furniture and Sculptural Objects 2020


The Furni­ture Society proudly announces the return of member­ship benefit, EFASO (Exhibit­ing Furni­ture and Sculp­tural Objects). This program has been made possi­ble through the gener­ous support of the John and Robyn Horn Foundation.

Open to current members of The Furni­ture Society (both indi­vid­u­als and institutional/​organizations).

Call for Submissions: Metropolitan Museum Journal

Invitation for submissions of original research on works of art in the Museum’s collection.

The Edito­r­ial Board of the peer-reviewed Metro­pol­i­tan Museum Journal invites submis­sions of orig­i­nal research on works of art in the Museum’s collec­tion. There are two sections: Arti­cles and Research Notes. Arti­cles contribute exten­sive and thor­oughly argued schol­ar­ship. Research Notes typi­cally present a concise, neatly bounded aspect of ongoing inves­ti­ga­tion, such as a new acqui­si­tion or attri­bu­tion, or a specific, reso­nant finding from tech­ni­cal analy­sis. All texts must take works of art in the collec­tion as the point of departure. 

As of 2019, the process of peer review is double-blind. Manu­scripts are reviewed by the Journal Edito­r­ial Board, composed of members of the cura­to­r­ial, conser­va­tion, and scien­tific depart­ments, as well as schol­ars from the broader academic community. 

Arti­cles and Research Notes in the Journal appear both in print and online, and are acces­si­ble via MetPub­li­ca­tions and the Jour­nal’s home page on the Univer­sity of Chicago Press website.

Windgate ITE International Residency program at The Center for Art in Wood

Applications now being accepted

Windgate ITE is an inten­sive summer program in which the resi­dent fellows explore deeper connec­tions with the mate­r­ial of wood through research, explo­ration, and collab­o­ra­tion. Now in its twenty-fourth year, the Center awards eight pres­ti­gious fellow­ships from an inter­na­tional pool of appli­cants: a visual docu­men­tar­ian, a scholar, and six artists who work either solely in wood or who work with wood in combi­na­tion with other materials.