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Coopered Stool Portrait 3 of 6

Alex Jarus is an artist and educa­tor, working within the realm of sculp­ture and furni­ture. At the moment, their domi­nant area of craft is wood­work­ing, although I consider them­selves and curator of many crafts and mediums. The work they create are arti­facts that explore the patch­works of the self with a direct rela­tion­ship to how they define their queer­ness and non-binary iden­tity. Although all of their arti­facts are contem­po­rary works, they have attempt to remove them from a partic­u­lar known visual time in hopes of provid­ing a level of escapism into a world of mystery and intrigue of the unknown.

Chicago, IL
Wood (along with; a bit of brass, occasionally felt, and sometimes etc.)
Professional Status
Artist educator