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In Their Words: Conversations with Award of Distinction Recipients

The Furni­ture Society is proud to present In Their Words: Conver­sa­tions with Award of Distinc­tion Recip­i­ents — a series of inter­views that explore their careers, how they see the future of the furni­ture field, the impor­tance of mentor­ing young makers, and a few words about current AoD winner Kristina Madsen.

Kristina Madsen

TFS’ Member and Past Pres­i­dent Bart Niswonger visits 2020/2021 AoD recip­i­ent Kristina Madsen’s studio for a virtual tour and talks with her about her work, her educa­tion and travels, and the future of the furniture field.

Garry Knox Bennett

Former TFS Exec­u­tive Direc­tor Andrew Glasgow talks with Garry Knox Bennett about his career, his advice for young makers, and that infa­mous nail cabinet!

In Their Words: Conver­sa­tions with Award of Distinc­tion Recip­i­ents” is made possi­ble through the gener­ous support from:

Anne and Ronald Abram­son & John T. Kotelly and Colleen Kollar-Kotelly