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Tommy Simpson: Living in a World I Created

FS Stories

Thursday, Jun 9

The Why Make? Podcast and Beery ­Media present the new short docu­men­tary film Tommy Simpson: Living in a World I Created.

Tommy Simpson is an artist, wood­worker, sculp­tor, furni­ture maker, painter and poet. He was the recip­i­ent of The Furni­ture Soci­ety’s Award of Distinc­tion in 2006.

Tommy is a true orig­i­nal in the art world and one of the ground break­ers of the modern studio furniture movement.

The ulti­mate goal,” Tommy says,​“is to bring the artwork to life, so that the viewer can iden­tify the human spirit behind the work, and expe­ri­ence its poetry.”