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Chris Poehlmann Sketches


Wednesday, Apr 21

I started sketch­ing furni­ture and light­ing in 1985 while in photo school and filled up multi­ple sketch­books for a couple years before making my first work. It was a process of self educa­tion in the language of design as well as just getting ideas out of my head to make room for more. Finally in 88 or 89 it became obvious to me that I needed to take these sketches and turn them into some­thing. After making my first chair and tables from copper pipe and pipe fittings, I was offered a solo show in 1990 and there has been no looking back. 36 years later, my sketches aren’t much better, but they are still the foun­da­tion of how I begin each project and I’m still as possessed by the world of furni­ture and light­ing as I was back in 85.”