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Berea College Student Craft – Making The Dustpan & Whisk


Thursday, Mar 30 4:00 – 5:30

Artist Talk and Demonstration

At Berea College, students enjoy a tuition free educa­tion – and offset those costs by working at the college. Since 1893, Student Craft has been a place where students work to produce tradi­tional and contem­po­rary craft in Wood, Fiber, Ceram­ics, and Broommaking.

Join Rob Spiece, Erin Miller, and Hunter Elliott along with the students of Student Craft in a discus­sion about the work we do here and a demon­stra­tion of making our new Dustpan and Whisk — a collab­o­ra­tion between the wood­shop and broomshop.

This event is FREE, however regis­tra­tion is required.

Check out the work by the Students of Student Craft:

Insta­gram: @bcstudentcraft

Website: www​.bcstu​dent​craft​.co