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Nuts & Bolts Professional Development Insta Insights: Using Instagram as a Free Marketing Tool


Thursday, Oct 26 6:30 – 8:00

How Do You Want to Tell Your Story?

Posting on IG

In today’s world, there is an ever-chang­ing virtual land­scape of ways for makers to share their work with an audi­ence. Insta­gram is one of those. Join us as we present best prac­tices, how to increase your engage­ment and follow­ers, and how to create a profile that is repre­sen­ta­tional of you and your work. We will briefly talk about what we know on algo­rithms and how to connect to your target audi­ence. When you regis­ter for the event, you’ll have the oppor­tu­nity to submit your IG handle for us to review in advance. With your permis­sion, this will allow us to critique your grid and give you construc­tive feed­back during the presen­ta­tion on how you can enhance your profile to attract more follow­ers. At the end of the presen­ta­tion, we’ll open the floor for a round­table discus­sion, and answer your questions.

Ques­tions to consider:

  • What are your goals for using IG as a tool for your business?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How can you make your post stand out and attract attention?
  • Is it bene­fi­cial to change your profile to a creator account?
  • What is the differ­ence between an organization’s page vs personal pages and how do their audiences differ?


$10 — Student Members

$25 — Members

$35 — Non-Members

The Furni­ture Society would like to thank the Schooner Foun­da­tion for support­ing this initia­tive. Without their support, the Nuts & Bolts profes­sional devel­op­ment program­ming and schol­ar­ships would not be possible!