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“The Definitive Nakashima Documentary” - A Conversation with Mira Nakashima & John Nakashima


Thursday, Jul 29 7:00 – 8:30

This conver­sa­tion is sched­uled in Eastern time

Join us as we journey into an in-depth and infor­ma­tive conver­sa­tion (virtual via zoom) with Mira Nakashima — George’s daugh­ter, and John Nakashima — his nephew, about The Defin­i­tive Nakashima Docu­men­tary — a compre­hen­sive story about the life and work of George Nakashima.

For many who know him through his works and ideas, admir­ers of George Nakashima may think his defin­i­tive docu­men­tary would break down the design elements and trace the tech­niques that added up to his works. They’d be only correct in small ways, but his influ­ences were hardly trend­ing concepts. They were more a result of a complex collec­tion of expe­ri­ences of a lone seeker” looking for real answers. During the Great Depres­sion, George set out on an around-the-world voyage with a $250 open-ended steamship ticket. His goal was to find a purpose for creat­ing. He lived in Paris, Japan, and French India over several years. George built a complex layer­ing of answers and, like the classic hero’s journey,” he returned home with this knowl­edge. He turned spir­i­tual concepts of creation as a form of sacred devo­tion, the mysti­cal found in nature, and the aesthet­ics of Zen into tangi­ble new works, the world had never seen before. Told by one of his nephews, George Nakashima, Wood­worker is an unusual artist’s story, of times and places that should be remem­bered and under­stood. It is a story quickly told in George’s auto­bi­og­ra­phy, Soul of a Tree.” With the fleshed-out story in this docu­men­tary, George’s life makes wonder­ful sense. He’s a useful inspi­ra­tion for those who want a deeper appre­ci­a­tion of beauty, an under­stand­ing of how artists come to create, and for those looking for ways to find meaning in their own creativity.



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