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Show Us Your..."Mark Making"


Thursday, Mar 4

Join us, along with Katie Hudnall, for our first virtual social gath­er­ing of the year: Show Us Your…Mark Making“
Thurs­day, March 4, 6 – 7pm EST

Katie will help us kick off the event by talking about what mark making means to her in this mate­r­ial — wood. It can mean many differ­ent things, to many differ­ent makers, in a variety of mediums. From pencil and pen lines, to paint, to carved surfaces that reflect the tools used, to the dents and kerf marks left behind by our machines. No other mate­r­ial so directly reflects a full history of its inter­ac­tions with the human hand — metal and ceramic are a little too hard, fibers is too soft, etc. She thinks about and is influ­enced by Kim Winkle’s pencil pattern draw­ings, Mike Hosaluk’s scrawl­ing pen lines, Michael Cullen’s beau­ti­ful carved box surfaces, Kristen Madsen’s metic­u­lous carved patterns, Jenna Gold­berg’s floral carved designs, the surfaces left behind on Martin Puryear’s large scale wooden sculp­tures, and old kitchen tables that reveal the place most sat at by the dents and scratches and worn edges on that part of their surface. 

What/​who influ­ences you, and what are you doing to create your mark?

This event is free and open to all who want to join the fun!