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October 9 – 152023

For the third year in a row, the Vermont Wood­work­ing School recog­nizes the impor­tance of their students belong­ing to a commu­nity and orga­ni­za­tion that supports the field in which they have chosen to study and create a poten­tial career for them­selves. We are thrilled to feature and high­light these 2nd-semes­ter students this week.

Ian Dunton

Ian is a native of Western Penn­syl­va­nia where he grew up on the Allegheny Plateau of the Appalachian Moun­tains. He is a wood­worker, potter, and combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently, he is contin­u­ing his train­ing in Fine Wood­work­ing & Furni­ture Design at Vermont Woodworking School.

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Matthew Coston

Meet Matthew Coston. Wood­work­ing has always been an inter­est. In the early years of his life, he lived in Nigeria where he had the fortune of witness­ing all sorts of wood­work­ing. He enjoys design­ing unique pieces of furni­ture that draw inspi­ra­tion from differ­ent forms of media; as well as, using differ­ent mediums to add a special twist to his designs. Lastly one of his favorite things about wood­work­ing is the shush­ing sound of a very hand-sharp plane skating across a piece of wood.

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Ioannis Maritsas

Ioannis Marit­sas inter­est in wood­work­ing began in the New Milford High School wood shop and he has worked in his uncle’s wood shop since 2010. His tech­niques combine form and func­tion which are influ­enced by Greco-Roman art.

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Lance Hampton

Lance Hampton is an aspir­ing furni­ture maker. He is currently pursu­ing a B.F.A in Fine Wood­work­ing and Furni­ture Design at Vermont State Univer­sity in conjunc­tion with the Vermont Woodworking School.

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Eli McFadden

Eli is a student at Vermont Wood­work­ing School and Vermont State Univer­sity — Johnson.

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