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Meet Matthew Coston. 

Wood working has always been an inter­est of his. In the early years of his life he lived in Nigeria where he had the fortune of witness­ing all sorts of wood working. This varied from very intri­cate carv­ings of all sizes; as well as, hand crafted pieces of furni­ture. Then in his teenage years he moved to Qatar. Here he mean­dered around a store that took him on an adven­ture through time as many of the pieces were made of doors and mate­ri­als from decades to centuries old. After living over­seas for most of his life he would return to the United States. In his mid 20’s he attend a furni­ture making class at Heritage School of Wood­work­ing in Waco, Texas. This would ignite his passion for wood­work­ing and more impor­tantly his passion for hand tools. He then stum­bled into carving figurines and uten­sils. He also spent many hours turning bowls and pens. Even­tu­ally he came across Vermont Wood­work­ing School, which provided him with the neces­sary knowl­edge he was lacking with power tools. He enjoys design­ing unique pieces of furni­ture that draw inspi­ra­tion from differ­ent forms of media; as well as, using differ­ent mediums to add a special twist to his designs. Lastly one of his favorite things about wood­work­ing is the shush­ing sound of a very hand sharp plane skating across a piece of wood. 

S. burlington, VT
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