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Jennifer-Navva Milliken

Executive Director, Curator

Museum for Art in Wood

Jennifer-Navva Milliken

Jennifer-Navva Milliken is the Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Museum for Art in Wood. Throughout her international career, she has curated exhibitions for museums, galleries, and unconventional spaces. In her current position, she has worked to enfold contemporary issues into the Museum’s wood-focused approach. Milliken studied for her BA in Art History at Western Washington University and her MA in Art History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Previous to her current position, she has worked as an embedded museum curator, as well as an independent curator and the founder of a cross-disciplinary art space. Her exhibitions have been presented in museums, art fairs, galleries, and unconventional spaces, and her writings have been included in exhibition catalogues, anthologies, and publications that investigate and critique the intersecting fields of art, craft, and design.

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