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Working Together: Shaping Our Field For The Future

Evening Program

Wednesday, Jun 8 7:30 – 9:00

Working Together: Shaping Our Field For The Future

Working Together: Shaping Our Field For The Future

A shift appears to be taking place in the making and market­ing of hand­made furni­ture — espe­cially around how it is commis­sioned and collected. Are we at a precipice for furni­ture makers or at least a cross­roads? Join a conver­sa­tion about current methods of connect­ing the public with furni­ture and ways the artists and their work are and can be supported. By working together, two gener­a­tions of furni­ture support­ers formed the current land­scape we inhabit. By working together in an informed way, we can continue to shape the future of this field. Bespoke commis­sions, design for indus­try, or an entirely new model — we will explore all of these in a candid conver­sa­tion about where we are, how we arrived at this point, and possi­ble ways to go forward.

Join Amer­i­can Craft Council College of Fellow honorees, Bruce Pepich and Tom Loeser, along with maker Sylvie Rosen­thal and gallerist, Evan Snyder­man as they discuss working together to shape the future of the field’s making and marketplace. 

This program is made possi­ble, in part, through the gener­ous support of the Amer­i­can Craft Council’s Legacy Series.