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Sylvie Rosenthal

Portfolio Reviewer + Evening Presenter

Woodworker + Sculptor + Educator

Sylvie Rosenthal

Sylvie Rosenthal started building at age six at an experimental design museum where she made circuses, catapults, rockets, and robots. She received a BFA from RIT’s School for American Crafts in Woodworking, built two houses from the ground up with her mentor, Doug Sigler, in western North Carolina, and received a MFA in sculpture from the UW-Madison. She owns and operates Lower Astronomy Studios, a design, sculpture, and woodworking studio in Madison, WI. Sylvie teaches woodworking and design thinking in many settings, such as university and college programs, craft school workshops, and to children in the studio and virtually. She recently finished her service on the board of trustees of CERF+, the Artists’ Safety Net which helps artists build strong and resilient careers, of which, she is still an active supporter

Topics + Strengths:

Overall functional and sculptural critique of furniture, furniture objects, photography of work, sculpture, art object, home decor, etc. Small shop production project + concept critique. Technical processes (not CNC), large + small scale carving, Exploring ways of building furniture + objects, material/object connections, research as a non-academic independent artist,

Conference Sessions