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2024 Windgate Arts Residency Program in Wood

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The Windgate Arts Resi­dency Program in Wood is a colle­gial expe­ri­ence in which the resi­dent Fellows explore new work through research, explo­ration, and collab­o­ra­tion. The Museum for Art in Wood awards pres­ti­gious fellow­ships for the annual resi­dency program, select­ing from an inter­na­tional pool of applicants.

Adam Manley

SK1 7257

I wrapped my year-long Sabbat­i­cal with a two month resi­dency with the Museum for Art in Wood in Philadel­phia, from June through the begin­ning of August. The 6 person resi­dency culmi­nates in a group exhi­bi­tion, enti­tled Placing, of works mostly completed during our time in resi­dence, and I showed 6 new pieces along­side my fellow residents. 

I worked on two bodies of work there: The works shown (below) in the exhi­bi­tion are a series of mate­r­ial studies, made from collected objects and mate­ri­als from archi­tec­tural salvage sites, all from the historic build­ings of Philadel­phia, and creat­ing simple sculp­tural and semi-func­tional objects using and paying homage to those mate­ri­als. The show is up at the Museum for Art in Wood through October

The second body of work I began in Philadel­phia was the first part of an ongoing series that will be shown at the Houston Center for Contem­po­rary Craft this coming January. It consists of a series of custom crates, made to fit objects solicited from he cura­to­r­ial, mount making, prepara­tory, custo­dial, main­te­nance, and conser­va­tors tool collec­tors from museums and art spaces from around the country. This show will focus on the hidden labor and skilled trades that all happen behind the scenes of major collec­tions and exhi­bi­tion spaces. Dona­tions from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Fuller Craft Museum, The Mingei Inter­na­tional Museum, the Wharton Esher­ick Museum, the Racine Art Museum, the Cooper Hewitt, and more are treated as art objects, or collectibles, or antiq­ui­ties, or arti­facts, and entered into a new collec­tion” to be consid­ered in a new context, cognizant of those who have used these tools, and how inte­gral they are to our expe­ri­ence with art and history. This show will run from January through May 

I am currently in an exhi­bi­tion called Waiting Room: Craft and Well­ness, at the San Diego Central Library Gallery, along­side other members of the Allied Crafts­man orga­ni­za­tion. This show will be up through October 15 and features the work of 20 local artists. 

The piece in this show is enti­tled Mutu­ally Assured, and is a collab­o­ra­tion with Maggie Sasso, of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Finally, I have a collab­o­ra­tive work made with the Ceram­i­cist Beth Lo, on display in the exhi­bi­tion, Tender Loving Care, at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, through the summer of 2025. This is an exhi­bi­tions of contem­po­rary works and recent addi­tions to the museum’s perma­nent collec­tion. The work included was collected by the museum last fall, and the exhi­bi­tion is a group­ing of the museum’s contem­po­rary works in the permanent collection.