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Demonstration: Laser Show: Demystifying Compound Angle Drilling

Saturday, Jun 10 10:30 – 11:30 in Classroom 506 - Loyola University

Join us for a deep dive into compound angles, break­ing down rake & splay, and apply­ing precise drilling tech­niques to your work. Aspen will demon­strate the design & drilling process used in tradi­tional Windsor chair and stick chair build­ing. Using both the tradi­tional mirror method and the more contem­po­rary laser method, you will learn to execute precise repeat­able angled joinery on square and non-square surfaces. The presen­ta­tion will also cover cutting tapered tenons and reaming angled holes by hand. So, come discover these versa­tile methods and be amazed at their myriad appli­ca­tions in your wood­work­ing prac­tice! Atten­dees will have the oppor­tu­nity to stick around & try the process them­selves after the initial demonstration.