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Mellanee Goodman

Professional Development

Craft Researcher + Grant Program Manager

Center for Craft

Mellanee Goodman

Mellanee Goodman is a craft researcher. During the last three years, she has been engaged in studying the history of Black craftswomen in the upper South, from 1850 to 1910. While most objects created by enslaved or formerly enslaved Black craftswomen no longer exist nor retain the attribution to the original maker, her study of the narratives, newspaper clippings, and the education of the formerly enslaved after emancipation pieces together a more complete picture of craft-and place-based identities of Black craftswomen, some of whom lived in the same mountains Mellanee currently calls home. Mellanee earned her Bachelor of Arts in Art Management from Appalachian State University and earned a Master of Arts in Critical Craft Studies from Warren Wilson College. Mellanee is also the Grant Program Manager for the Center for Craft, located in Asheville, North Carolina.

Social media: @mellgoodmanirl

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