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Jordan Ahlers

Professional Development + Object Study

Owner and Director

Momentum Gallery

Jordan Ahlers

Jordan Ahlers is the Owner and Director of Momentum Gallery in Asheville, NC, one of the country's premier fine art and craft galleries. With over twenty five years’ gallery experience, Ahlers has collaborated with thousands of professional artists working across the country in a variety of media. In doing so, he has developed an eye for what is both interesting and marketable. Ahlers is known as a gifted curator and trusted art advisor. Previously, Ahlers worked as director of a large southeastern craft gallery in Asheville from 1999-2017. Over his career, Ahlers has earned a reputation for his knowledge, honesty, and thoughtful approach to the business of art.

Professional Development Session: "How to Approach a Gallery"We will discuss how to determine if a gallery is the right venue for your work, how an artist should approach a gallery to inquire about representation, what materials artists should prepare, things to do, things to avoid, what a gallery looks for when considering new artists, and what to expect from the artist/gallery relationship.

Website: momentumgallery.comFacebook: MomentumGalleryAsheville

Instagram: @MomentumGallery

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