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Bart Niswonger

2022 Steffi Dotson Service Award Recipient

Bart Niswonger

Bart Niswonger is a furni­ture maker in western Mass­a­chu­setts. His work explores complex surface pattern and texture, employ­ing tech­niques from hand carving to computer controlled routing as well as a broad range of mate­ri­als.builds func­tional contem­po­rary furni­ture incor­po­rat­ing diverse mate­ri­als, from locally sourced domes­tic hard­woods to brightly colored cast urethane plastic. His work is known for its bright colors, rich textures and fasci­nat­ing, tactile, surfaces. Bart was the 2011 recip­i­ent of the John D. Mineck Furni­ture Fellow­ship, he is the Past Pres­i­dent of the Furni­ture Society Board of Trustees, and has been a member since 2004.

His work can be seen at Gallery NAGA in Boston, MA. He and his family live in Worthing­ton, MA where they raise beef cattle.

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