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Who I am Today…by Working Together

Evening Program

Thursday, Jun 9 7:30 – 9:00

As indi­vid­u­als, we are each a product of the people with whom we’ve engaged with through­out our lives. 

Who have we worked with, been taught by or taught, been inspired by or inspired and how have these expe­ri­ences and influ­ences in our lives helped to shape who we are today? 

Through the power of story­telling and reflec­tion, we will hear from three indi­vid­ual makers as they share reflec­tions and/​or thoughts on how these past expe­ri­ences have helped shape their outlook, their prac­tice, and the field.

Moder­a­tor, Amy Umbel, maker and co-host of Cut the Craft’ podcast, will take our three makers on a journey to artic­u­late these impactful experiences.