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Laura Mays

Artist, Educator, Director at The Krenov Shool

Laura Mays

Laura Mays is a woodworker, designer and educator. She is the Director of the Fine Woodworking Program at The Krenov School, Mendocino College in Fort Bragg, CA. Her work is represented in the National Museum of Ireland, and in private and public collections in the US and Ireland. She has written for Fine Woodworking and Furniture and Cabinetmaking magazines. She is profiled in Good Clean Fun, the book by Nick Offerman about woodworking, with a chapter about her work and her role as a teacher. She is the founding president of The Krenov Foundation, a nonprofit organization which supports the craft of woodworking. She co-curated with Deirdre Visser the Making a Seat at the Table: Women Transform Woodworking show at the Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia in 2019, and is a contributor to the forthcoming book by the same title.

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