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Chair Kevin Websize

I am a studio-furni­ture designer and wood sculp­tor, but make little distinc­tion between these prac­tices. In all of my work, preser­v­a­tive and poetic inter­ac­tions with mate­r­ial serve as exper­i­ments with reality, rein­forc­ing my connec­tion to nature and inten­si­fy­ing my quest for meaning. As a contrib­u­tor to the built-envi­ron­ment, and as someone with a deep rever­ence for life, I am inter­ested in promot­ing a sustain­able rela­tion­ship between human beings and the natural world. I aim with my work to do as little harm as possi­ble while making people’s lives more beau­ti­ful, func­tional and enjoy­able. I frequently scav­enge for mate­ri­als in my surround­ings, and I primar­ily use wood I find in the trash, from alley­ways, old houses or barns, or through other sustain­able sources. Through making and teach­ing, I hope to inspire creativ­ity and conser­va­tion while further­ing the general science and under­stand­ing of wood and wood tech­nol­ogy. In every­thing I do, I strive for a viable prac­tice of imag­i­na­tion, with an empha­sis on quality, utility, ethics, and environmental responsibility.

I grew up in rural Ohio and attended The College of Wooster, where I grad­u­ated with a BA in studio art, focus­ing on wood sculp­ture. Addi­tional skills were built at Ander­son Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, both as a summer work­shop intern (in 2010) and again as artist-in-resi­dence (in 2013). I lived in Chicago from 2010 to 2017, where I was employed most notably as a maker for Theaster Gates (2011 – 2015), John Preus, Rebuild Foun­da­tion, and others. I have exhib­ited my creations since 2010, both domes­ti­cally and abroad. I currently operate my own studio in Port Townsend, Wash­ing­ton, and occa­sion­ally teach classes at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking.

Port townsend, WA
Professional Status
Member until Jun 5, 2021