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2021 John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship Award Winner

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Boston’s Society of Arts + Crafts announced that Jamie Herman is the 2021 recip­i­ent of the John D. Mineck Fellow­ship, a high-profile award that includes an unre­stricted $25,000 prize and is given annu­ally to an early-career furniture artist.

Herman is a wood­worker, sculp­tor, and teacher currently working at the Peters Valley School of Craft in Layton, New Jersey. He is an alumnus of the Vermont Wood­work­ing School. He stood out to the Fellow­ship jury as a talented artist with solid skills, a commit­ment to artis­tic growth, and a compre­hen­sive plan for the prize money.

Herman’s beau­ti­fully off-kilter designs reflect a deeper process whereby artis­tic creation func­tions as a way to heal and manage personal issues. Making has always been a form of therapy for me,” Herman says. I strug­gled with mental health during my time in Vermont. But having a project in front of me that was all-consum­ing and occu­pied my hands gave me a chance to process things in a more useful way.

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Herman plans to use his Fellow­ship prize to set up an inde­pen­dent studio, continue his educa­tion in new mediums, and develop programs that connect young furni­ture makers with mentors in the field. Jamie’s build­ing process, his deep commit­ment to craft, and his desire to assist young makers exem­pli­fies the heart and soul of the Mineck Fellow­ship,” says Society of Arts + Crafts Exec­u­tive Direc­tor Brigitte Martin. The jury who chose him as the winner liked Jamie’s plan that includes other talented wood­work­ers and provides a tangi­ble way to support them.”

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