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Matthias Pliessnig

Matthias Pliessnig

To be completely engaged with a material is a way to cheat time, to slow it down. My work ethic and construction approaches are rooted in this discipline of concentrated engagement. Thus, my work never rests in one mode of thought; it strives to reach a higher level of refinement and to explore innovative methods of creation.

Each piece I make provokes a feeling of motion and stillness. I am attempting to make work with its own sense of time. Intimate moments where time can move incredibly fast, sweeping by, and yet be serene and contemplative.

We are at a place in time where technology and new materials are heavily influencing the creative realm. I believe in embracing technology as a tool and using it in conjunction with the techniques of learned skills and the knowledge of material characteristics. Every piece I make requires months to finish. The intricate building process is fueled by the vision and satisfaction of the end result. My work is a hybrid of traditional and contemporary fields supporting a dialogue of the digital age inspired by the traditions of craft.

Specializing in steam bending domestic hardwood requires specific species of wood which is harvested and dried for this process. All of the wood used is responsibly harvested, dried, and milled within a 200 mile radius of my studio located in Brooklyn, NY.


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