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Demonstration: Veneer Fleur De Lis In 60 Minutes!

Saturday, Jun 10 11:45 – 12:45 in Classroom 507 - Loyola University

In this fast paced work­shop, Chelsea will demon­strate the steps to create a veneer pattern panel using her preferred tech­niques. Steps include cutting veneer with a knife, fitting patterns together, design­ing into a concept, taping, replac­ing short grain tear out, gluing, clamp­ing, sanding, and finish­ing. The miscon­cep­tion that veneer is deli­cate and stress­ful needs to be debunked! The low stress tip and tricks included in this work­shop will (hope­fully) encour­age the most fearful to explore and have fun doing it.

Thank you to Certainly Wood for gener­ously spon­sor­ing this demonstration!