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Demonstration: “MakingMusicMaking”

Friday, Jun 9 10:30 – 11:30 in Classroom 506 - Loyola University

What is the rela­tion­ship between music and craft? How might the intu­itive prac­tices of coin­cide? Are there common histo­ries, values or metaphors that incite creative work? Common plat­forms of emotion and meaning? As a maker of histor­i­cal stringed instru­ments my focus has been on authen­tic contexts of mate­r­ial, construc­tion, aesthet­ics and social func­tion. As a furni­ture maker, on mining famil­iar histor­i­cal idioms for more elusive contem­po­rary content. Inspired by musical memory and form, these ques­tions have always guided my efforts in both disci­plines. Looking back over 40+ years in the work­shop, how have my furni­ture and instru­ment prac­tices coalesced? What have I learned and how do I progress towards a deeper synthe­sis of music and making? Or should I just stop worry­ing about it and get to work.…