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Paul Henry

Portfolio Reviewer

Artist and Co-owner of the Phes Gallery

Paul Henry

Paul Henry opened his first shop in Bicentennial Boston, 1976, and has worked in the furniture world ever since. Now living in San Diego, he has specialized in custom bespoke furniture and cabinetry, one of a kind work for galleries and museums, and antique repair and restoration. For 20 years he was an instructor at Palomar College teaching Furniture History and Design. Paul maintains a studio in Carlsbad Ca., and is now co-owner of the Phes Gallery, showing fine art and craft.


I have considerable experience in creating custom work and can advise on how to please a customer while designing to fit your capabilities and in the end turning a profit or learning a lesson. I think my biggest strength is in furniture history and antique restoration, in knowing how to identify and properly repair pieces according to responsible conservation techniques.

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