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Audi Culver + Ivy Siosi

Portfolio Reviewer

Owners, Designers, Collaborators

Siosi Design

Audi Culver + Ivy Siosi

SIOSI is Audi and Ivy - a two woman team who blur the lines between life, work, and art. Ivy's background is in sculpture, printmaking, classic car restoration, and home building. Audi has been photographing her life and surroundings since she was a kid. A focus that comes in handy for photographing their collaborative work: furniture, sculpture, and the largest project yet, their home. Together, they design, build, and sculpt fine furniture in the middle of the woods, in southern Indiana. They’ve written for Fine Woodworking Magazine and are featured in the new book, Joinery, Joists, and Gender: A History of Woodworking for the 21st Century by Deirdre Visser.


We are self taught woodworkers --proving that there's more than one way to plane a block. We have fun with exploration and practices but discipline ourselves in the editing process. Simple, clean design is our aesthetic; complex, hyper-detail oriented pieces are our goal.

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