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Alicia Dietz


Furniture Maker

Alicia Dietz Studios

Alicia Dietz

Alicia Dietz Studios designs and builds custom modern and timeless contemporary furniture with craftsmanship to last a lifetime.

Previously a Blackhawk Maintenance Test Pilot and Commander in the Army, Alicia understands that the same dedication and attention to detail required to fly an aircraft translates to building timeless pieces of furniture.

Specializing in solid wood and ultra high performance concrete, Alicia often combines the two desperate materials, creating a harmony that is reflective of her process and collaborative style. Working in partnership with the materials, designers, and clients, pieces are uniquely designed and built to fit both space and lifestyle.

Alicia sources local wood right here in Virginia, working with quality sawyers and kiln masters regionally. Throughout the build, she uses eco-friendly products and plant-based finishes that are not only safe for Mother Nature, but for your daily use.

While most of today’s manufacturing is built around planned obsolescence, permanence, integrity, and craftsmanship are at the core of her furniture. Alicia respects each material, stays true to their nature, understands their imperfections, utilizes their structural abilities, and embraces their aesthetic resonance.

What she really loves is the collaborative process of making – the way that each piece of lumber is different from the next, working with clients to incorporate their own histories into a custom piece, and designing quality furniture perfectly suited for each space. No piece is identical to the next. What does ring true with each piece is the care, craftsmanship, and quality required for it to last in your family for generations.


collaboration process with designers

collaboration process with other makers (for example, I work with metal and leather artists a lot for collaborative projects)

collaboration process with clients (in facilitating how they are selecting/building their custom furniture)

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