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Until further notice, conference registration will be paused. 

Thank you for your patience.

FS20: Building Place, Shaping Identity, Creating Community

Join us in Asheville as we explore how furni­ture can be used to foster commu­ni­ties, locally and glob­ally, as well as to strengthen the commu­nity of furni­ture making by recog­niz­ing a diverse selec­tion of perspec­tives, cultural back­grounds, and ideas.

We under­stand that people are concerned about the Coro­n­avirus (COVID-19). Until further notice, TFS is consid­er­ing all options and will have a defin­i­tive answer about the confer­ence and details very soon. Please stay tuned for further details in the near future.

Funda­men­tally, furni­ture exists to ready a space for occu­pancy or use. Its mere pres­ence can signal the purpose of a space or invite a partic­u­lar action. Its mate­r­ial, form, and surface design reveals a lot about how it is meant to be used, who made it, as well as provide a connec­tion with the past, a culture, or idea. Recog­niz­ing the essen­tial role that furni­ture fulfills in daily life and in society-at-large, the field of furni­ture wields tremen­dous poten­tial to have a posi­tive impact worldwide.

UNC Asheville and STEAM Studio in Asheville, NC will be our hosts for this year’s annual confer­ence. In an effort to deeply connect with and serve the commu­ni­ties in which we hold our confer­ences, we are thrilled to re-intro­duce the Craft for a Greater Good (CGG) work­shop through UNC Asheville’s STEAM Studio. This year, CGG will be part­ner­ing with STEAM Studio to make furni­ture for BeLoved Asheville, a local non-profit build­ing a micro-home village address­ing the housing crisis in Asheville. Read more about the project and loca­tion HERE.

Tanya Aguiniga
Opening Keynote — Thursday, June 17

Look who is opening our conference!

Tanya Aguiñiga

Tanya Aguiñiga is a Los Angeles based artist/​designer/​craftsperson who was raised in Tijuana, Mexico. She holds an MFA in furni­ture design from Rhode Island School of Design and a BA from San Diego State Univer­sity. In her forma­tive years she created various collab­o­ra­tive instal­la­tions with the Border Arts Work­shop, an artists’ group that engages the languages of activism and commu­nity-based public art. Her current work uses craft as a perfor­ma­tive medium to gener­ate dialogues about iden­tity, culture and gender while creat­ing commu­nity. This approach has helped Museums and non-profits in the United States and Mexico diver­sify their audi­ences by connect­ing margin­al­ized commu­ni­ties through collaboration.

For more infor­ma­tion about Tanya, please visit her website at http://​www​.tanyaaguiniga​.com/

Photo Credit: Katie Levine