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Sarah Mizer

Gallery Owner

Alma's Gallery & Shop

Sarah Mizer

Sarah Mizer is a Richmond based gallery owner. She and her husband opened Alma’s in 2019 as a mixed use space that focuses on contemporary craft practices. The space hosts a rotating exhibition schedule and maintains inventory from over 60 artists in the fields of Craft. Prior to opening Alma’s, Mizer was an internationally exhibiting artist and curator. With a background in glass, she earned her MFA from VCUarts and her BFA from The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Both as an artist and a gallerist she has worked with academic institutions, museums, private and public collections. In the past year, she has helped to place work into a publicly collecting museum as well as managing a major public art installation. Alma’s helps its artists develop into the next stage of their careers with a strong foundation and understanding of the commercial gallery system.


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