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Norman Pirollo

Maker, Educator, Furniture Designer, TFS Member

Norman Pirollo

Norman Pirollo is a furni­ture designer + maker based in Ottawa, Ontario. Through Refined Edge Design and Pirollo Design, he creates contem­po­rary styled furni­ture and sculp­ture using tradi­tional wood­work­ing processes and tech­niques. Formerly in a hi-tech career, he currently pursues the design and creation of one of a kind furni­ture. Along with a cabi­net­mak­ing and furni­ture making educa­tion, studies were later pursued at a fine wood­work­ing school. His furni­ture studio combines both hand and power tools with an empha­sis on hand tools. The aesthetic he prefers is a contem­po­rary one of clean, simple lines with honest workmanship.

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