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Haywood Community College

Clyde, NC

Haywood Commu­nity College’s Profes­sional Crafts Wood Program, founded in 1977 in the moun­tains west of Asheville, provides a balance of fine crafts­man­ship, orig­i­nal design, and an entre­pre­neur­ial spirit for students looking to open a woodworking studio.

The course­work encour­ages creative think­ing and problem-solving through a variety of func­tional projects – both one-of-a-kind and produc­tion – includ­ing boxes, tables, doors, mirrors, chairs, cabi­netry, and more, with oppor­tu­ni­ties to branch out in more artistic directions.

The program keeps the small classes and inten­sive hours of a univer­sity model, but in the two-year span and with the afford­abil­ity of the commu­nity college model.

Brian Wurst is the lead instruc­tor in Haywood Commu­nity College’s Profes­sional Crafts Wood program

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