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Naomi Feuerstein

Artist, Craftsperson and Educator

Overlook Woods

Naomi Feuerstein

Naomi Feuerstein is an artist, craftsperson and educator. She is the founder of Overlook Woods, a woodworking design and build studio. A lifelong artist, Naomi discovered her love of woodworking at Pratt Institute and quickly that became her main focus. After graduating, Naomi freelanced as a cabinetmaker and as a designer before founding Overlook Woods, where she creates elevated versions of everyday objects, imbuing them with the history of the tree that they are made from.

She has worked with brands such as Madewell, Houzz and Renegade Craft Fair, and her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Living and Motts. In a departure from manufacturing, Naomi spent two years teaching woodworking to elementary aged students. She is back to manufacturing, but is finding ways to incorporate education and community into her every-day practice. She believes sharing her knowledge is only fair to the creative community that fostered her development.

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