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Danielle Rose Byrd

Wood Carver, Sculptor, Writer

Danielle Rose Byrd

Danielle is a wood carver and sculptor who blends traditional and modern methods with ample experimentation and a wide range of tools to create pieces with varying degrees of function and heavy doses of texture.

Raised in the western foothills of Maine, she made many creatures, structures, and inventions using found items, sand, plants, sticks, trash, snow, and fabric. In college she explored music and sound sculpture, and while building a handmade fiddle-ish instrument constructed from burn pile wood found on campus, began carving scraps into spoons.

She has written for various magazines and journals, and from 2014-17 was a member of the Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Hand Tool Event Staff, traveling the country teaching hand tool woodworking fundamentals. Her first book, The Handcarved Bowl, was published in 2021.

Danielle lives and works in Bar Harbor, ME with her partner and two cats.

Find out more about Danielle's work on Instagram, Tik Tok, or her website.

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