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Touring Stickley and Finding Design through Craft


Thursday, Jun 17 3:00 – 4:30

Please note that all session times are in Eastern Daylight Time

This short tour will provide a look into the history and collec­tions of The Stick­ley Museum start­ing with the Arts and Crafts era then share aspects about the furni­ture, design, and process of L. & J.G. Stick­ley and Gustav Stick­ley. We will pull out drawers, take a closer look at joinery and inlay, and take a peek at some­thing special about our reis­sued Mission furniture.

Marissa Brown, the Design Direc­tor at The Stick­ley Museum, will be taking a closer look at how the tangi­ble study of craft became an influ­ence in her design from the earli­est parts of her educa­tion and into her career. This basis later served Marissa in bridg­ing the rich history of Stick­ley’s craft towards modern day collections.

RS7518 MI Park Slope Chair o mc 1562 small
RS9983 MT Walnut Grove Great Room w mc small