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Show Us Your...Favorite Pencils!


Wednesday, Jun 16 7:30 – 9:00

Show Us Your...Favorite Pencils!

Please note that all session times are in Eastern Daylight Time

Have you ever wondered why the No.2 pencil is so popular? Why are pencils yellow? How do they get the graphite inside that thin piece of wood? Did you know that early Amer­i­can pencils were made from Eastern Red Cedar?

These and so many more ques­tions about the pencil will be demys­ti­fied during this fun evening of show & tell”!

Join Craig Nutt, Michael Cullen, and Caro­line Weaver (from CW Pencil in NY) as they each share their story about their love of the pencil, how and why they started collect­ing them, what pencils they use most often, and why some in their collec­tion will never be sharp­ened. We hope you’ll consider sharing a story about your favorite or most unique pencils in your collection!

This event is free and open to all who want to join in on the fun!