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Wednesday, Jun 9 3:00 – 4:30

Nut Case
Nut Case by Katie Hudnall

Please note that all session times are in Eastern Daylight Time

What do you collect?

Do you have a love for collecting? 

When did you start collecting? 

What items do you have multiples of?

Join us for a fun and inter­ac­tive conver­sa­tion around why and what you collect. 

Katie Hudnall will kick off the evening by showing us what she collects and why it’s impor­tant to her. She would like all who partic­i­pate to share their own ways of think­ing about collections. 

Here are some of Katie’s:

  • Collec­tions are phys­i­cal objects, nuts, pencils, tools, materials etc. 

  • Collec­tions are people and prac­tices — move­ments, rituals, teams, collaborations

  • Collec­tions are memo­ries — the term recol­lec­tion” is about the collec­tion of memo­ries, right?

  • Collec­tions are archives — patterns that say some­thing about the our cultures and worlds 
    • shared by commu­ni­ties — libraries, museums, gardens, albums

    • personal — I collect images of trees that have been cut away from power lines, I collect types of clouds, words that sound similar to each other but mean very differ­ent things (worrier vs. warrior, chap­stick vs. chop­stick), and collective nouns”

We hope you will consider sharing your collection!

This event is free and open to all who want to join in on the fun!