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Wells in studio 2021

Wells Mason is an Amer­i­can designer and sculp­tor. He has exhib­ited his work in galleries and museums around the country and his work has been featured in count­less regional, national, and inter­na­tional publi­ca­tions. Mason is also a commu­nity activist with a history of impos­si­ble-sound­ing projects. His most recent commu­nity project chal­lenges archi­tects from around the world to imagine a hopeful, post-pandemic future for every­one. He’s a member of the Amer­i­can Craft Council and the Inter­na­tional Sculp­ture Center, and he’s also a board member of the Texas Sculp­ture Group and the Hunt­ing­ton Sculp­ture Foun­da­tion. He lives and works in Coup­land, Texas.

Coupland, TX
Wood, metal
Professional Status
Designer, sculptor, activist