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Iron is found at the center of the earth as pulsing magma, in space as meteors, and in our blood. Manip­u­lat­ing this mate­r­ial is my obses­sion. I employ forging oper­a­tions to massage life­like shapes and forms from seem­ingly inert flat steel. This approach is a constant; my inten­tions contin­u­ally evolve with each new work. I try to give each piece I create more concep­tual depth and tactile quality, design­ing into every project a new element that expands my visual and technical vocabulary. 

I use furni­ture to explore form and concept, main­tain­ing its func­tion but expand­ing the form possi­bil­i­ties. I have been devel­op­ing differ­ent design qual­i­ties and tech­niques in my furni­ture, blur­ring the line between pure art and func­tional work. My sculp­tural work addresses social inequal­i­ties, envi­ron­men­tal degra­da­tion and systemic prej­u­dice and oppres­sion. It is inspired by my dreams, my life and my process of metal­work­ing. I work with devel­op­ers of Section 8 housing in New Orleans to provide artis­tic elements in a newly rede­vel­oped housing project. My most recent project inte­grates video into inter­ac­tive sculp­tures, drawing on tech­niques devel­oped for recent furni­ture, creat­ing envi­ron­ments that draw atten­tion to human impact on the natural world. The whole pattern of working is one I hold close and repeat as a method of living consci­en­tiously and with care, keeping in mind the carbon foot­print of my own processes.

New orleans, LA
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