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Michelle Foran Headshot 2023

Michelle Foran (1992) is an artist and furni­ture maker born in Toronto, Canada. She received a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design Univer­sity in 2018 major­ing in Sculp­ture and Instal­la­tion and is currently under­go­ing a second under­grad­u­ate degree in Furni­ture Design at Sheri­dan College in Oakville, Canada (2024). Over the summer of 2023, Michelle was the 3D float­ing intern at Ander­son Ranch arts centre in Colorado, assist­ing in the wood and furni­ture, sculp­ture, and digital fabri­ca­tion studio workshops.

Her multi­dis­ci­pli­nary prac­tice explores how visual order can meld in with the bizarre as a means to revive the potent vibrancy inher­ent in objects and envi­ron­ments. She is excited by the tradi­tional crafts of her fami­ly’s diverse cultures (Colom­bian, German, Mexican, and Cana­dian) and is inspired to design prac­ti­cal and sculp­tural furni­ture that embraces colour, rustic­ity, play, and nostal­gia. Although furni­ture, light­ing design, and wood­work­ing are at the fore of her prac­tice, Michelle also works in clay, paint, fabric, found objects, digital media, and anything else she can get her hands on.

Toronto, ON
Furniture and woodworking, sculpture, ceramics, metal
Professional Status
Student, artist, furniture maker