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My father was a Navy pilot. I found the mechan­i­cal envi­ron­ment of aircraft carri­ers excit­ing. Today I enjoy the machines a wood shop provides for creativ­ity and construc­tion. I think the homey feeling I get in my shop goes back in part to those great Navy ships and planes. I always liked drawing and art but didn’t think of wood­work­ing until Shop for Girls” was offered for the fist time in high school. I loved it and still feel psyched turning ideas into realit. I espe­cially enjoy creat­ing a sense of move­ment in my designs and playing with balance and asymmetry.

Navy life also meant moving a lot. I found it hard work making new friends and spent many hours alone outdoors in nature. The use of curves in my work is inspired espe­cially by my love of insects. Creat­ing curves involves labor inten­sive carving and bending. I tried working with straight lines however, straight lines quickly evolved into acute angles and folds. My work remains labor inten­sive, but it’s a labor of love.

Design­ing and produc­ing unique objects lets me contribute to a human envi­ron­ment that reflects the exuber­ance of nature. The hands-on build­ing of furni­ture one piece at a time is extrav­a­gant in a time when utility and economy are highly valued. I require my furni­ture to be func­tional, well crafted and comfort­able but love the fact that furni­ture is sculp­tural as well as useful.

Philadelphia, PA
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