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I create fine furni­ture and contem­po­rary objects focus­ing on natural mate­ri­als and in partic­u­lar wood. Drawing on tradi­tional tech­niques and hand-worked details, I use playful forms to create unique and time­less quality furniture. 

I’m inspired by the oppor­tu­nity for people to connect with every­day objects, re-explore the built world and find stories in the tradi­tion of craft. For me it is remark­able to consider the amount of inten­tion that has gone into every aspect of a built envi­ron­ment. I find it power­ful that objects inher­ently contain a form of story­telling and that by sharing that with a client or an audi­ence, you can create meaning and connec­tion to quotid­ian objects in people’s lives.

I use hand carving to create texture and pattern­ing that bring a live­li­ness to a piece and it’s inter­ac­tion with light and space. Combin­ing geom­e­try, line and organic form I aim to make work that walks the line between func­tional furni­ture and art. I work to convey my connec­tion to the raw mate­r­ial of wood and the process of working it.

I am espe­cially inter­ested in connect­ing with other women in tradi­tion­ally male dominated fields.

Based in Montréal, Canada.

Montreal, QC
Professional Status
Member until Feb 26, 2020